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Talley's Folly - Oil Lamp Theater

"At first we meet Matt Friedman ( played to perfection by Gabriel Fries ), a Jewish accountant from St. Louis, who has come to Lebanon Mo to ask Sally Talley ( a delightful performance by Kristin Doty ) to marry him. [...] The chemistry between these two characters is powerful. They are “lost souls” that one would never feel could be a match, but thru the cleverly written story, we see surprise after surprise and in all honesty, the actors are the reason." - Alan Bresloff for Around the Town Chicago

Baskerville - Metropolis PAC

"Gabriel Fries, Rachel Livingston and Jason Richards, are delectable in their witty, often gender-bending portrayals of almost 40 characters. They are energetic, comedic, innocent deliverers of groaners galore and talents. They must have had a blast – this virtuosic cast of five playing off each other" - Regina Belt-Daniels for The Northwest Herald

"Gabriel Fries, Rachel Livingston, and Jason Richards ... play the remaining 35 characters in the play. The trio are incredible. And in true comedy fashion, those 35 odd ball characters are differentiated from one another by an increasingly absurd display of terrible costumes, wigs, and beards. Fries’ endless supply of toothpicks is one of the silliest and thus most fun elements of the show. Kudos to whoever came up with that bit!"* - Ricki Lee Travolta for TravoltaNet

*(I came up with that bit ;-)

Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile - Lifeline Theatre

"Playing the gloomy Mr. Grumps, as well as the proper Mr. Primm, Gabriel Fries . . . is a strong, gifted triple-threat who brings an abundance of energy to this production." - Colin Douglas for Chicago Theatre Review

Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story - Metropolis PAC

"[D]espite the obviously superb ability of the entire supporting ensemble, there are other standouts: Luis David Cortes is a charismatic Richie Valens; Gabriel Fries is a wonderful KDAV DJ “Hipockets” Duncan; Jessica Miret Garcia is a sweetly determined Maria; David Gordon-Johnson is a strong, smooth Norman Petty; and Nicole Frydman puts a great spin on Vi Petty." - Regina Belt-Daniels for Northwest Herald

It's a Wonderful Life - A Live Radio Play - Oil Lamp Theater


"[T]he role of George Bailey . . . is acted by Gabriel Fries, in a manner so close to the original that if you close your eyes, you’d swear you are hearing [Jimmy] Stewart’s very intonations!" - Debra Davy for Splash Magazines

The Adventures of Robin Hood - Adventure Stage Chicago


"The ensemble, consisting of three actors who switch in and out of all the roles, are quite adept to doing so . . . Felipe Carrasco, Gabriel Fries and Carlyle DePriest handle it all with ease, with a bag of tricks up their sleeves, including playing instruments, singing and fencing." - Tonika Todorova for Perform.Ink

"The three actors cast in this play, Felipe Carrasco, Gabriel Fries and Carlyle DePriest, are very talented and extremely likable." - Colin Douglas for Chicago Theatre Review

Peter & the Starcatcher - E.D.G.E. of Orion


"All the performances . . . were nothing less than great . . . A few who stood out for strong voices and fantastic character work were Black Stache (Gabriel Fries), Molly Aster (Brianna Joy Ford) . . . and Fighting Prawn (Becca Duff). . . Black Stache’s “hand death” scene alone [is] worth the price of admission." - Rick Copper for The Northwest Herald

The Picture of Dorian Gray - City Lit Theatre

"Gabriel Fries plays Basil Hallward, the photographer infatuated with Dorian Gray. He offers a fervor that foreshadows his character’s eventual downfall." - Colin Douglas for Chicago Theatre Review

The Civility of Albert Cashier - Premoveo / PFP

"Gabriel Fries . . . brings strength and kindhearted charity to his portrayals of both Sgt. Collins and Dr. Kirby" - Colin Douglas for Chicago Theatre Review

The Kid Thing - Nothing Without a Company

"The single male character in the play – Gabriel Fries as Jacob – created a distinction from what could have been just a straight white male alpha role. His sensitive turn is also not without conflicts, but his pragmatism and willingness to find clarity in the donor mode is a revelation. His confrontation with Darcy, both in secret and in the open with the others, was a marvel to watch between Fries and Shalyn Welch. Jacob’s actions transforms and adds vitality to the story." - Patrick McDonald for HollywoodChicago

"The actors all give solid performances . . . Gabriel Fries is a charismatic Jacob." - Jessie Bond for Splash Magazines

"Authentic performances by the players breathe real life into Gubbins’ words . . . Rounding out the ensemble is Gabriel Fries’ tantalizing “peace worker” and sperm donor, Jake. The group’s rapport is as though they’ve known each other for ages. Playing to the audience in their living room, this energy is palpable." - Kelsey McGrath for Perform.Ink

"Fries' Jacob is lovable and funny." - Eric Karas for Windy City Times

Wicked City - Chicago Theatre Workshop

"The ensemble covers many roles and excels . . . Grizzled Gabriel Fries got the film noir parody memo as beleaguered Inspector Hammett." - Ian Rigg for Chicagoland Musical Theatre

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